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This area is private to members and the pages are password protected. This is to contain information that the club deems is best kept within the club and also to protect our members security from the point of view of, for example, times when their properties might be unoccupied because they are at a rally.

Changing passwords is a pain, so please keep the club password secure and do not share it with non members.

Sections in this area include:

  • Club notices for members

  • A page detailing service providers within the club, but not necessarily bike related and also

  • A page detailing bike related services where the club enjoys support or a discount from a provider

  • Club News

  • The clubs rules and constitution

  • Members Directory

The website is supported by Gill Emmetts facebook page for HD-C Somerset. This is a  closed group page so you need to have had Gill approve you for the page before you will be able to view it or post on it.  If you are a member of the facebook group already or want to be one, click the facebook logo link below to go straight to the facebook group page:

  • Facebook Social Icon
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